Interactive exposure and Strategy Meeting - the Accord, fire and building safety

This is the travel and logistics form to register the participation in the interactive exposure the Accord on fire and building safety and Strategic meeting, held in Sri Lanka from 5 to 6 July, 2018.

Please fill it in as accurately as possible to allow us to organise the meeting and arrangement better.

Please use the English name of your organisation.
Name of representative for the meeting.

Passport Details.
Make sure this *exactly* matches your passport details.

Given name(s)
Family name
Please use yyyy-mm-dd format
Date your passport will expire
Date your passport was issued
Please only select 'other' if your passport jurisdiction allows that

Contact Details

Please use international format, so +62 123456789 for an Indonesian number

Travel Arrangements (CCC will book your flight tickets and you don't have to book the tickets). Please provide your preferred date of travel and other details so that we can help you with the booking.


Accommodation will be arranged for all the participants for the meeting days. In case you want us to book extra days on your own expense, let us know in detail in the “comments” section below.

Let us know about any other special needs you have.


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